Janata Vidyarthi Vastigruha Mulher, Tal. Satana, Dist. Nashik

Year of Establishment : 1941

Student strength : 72

Brief Information :

Dang Seva Mandal Nashik founded Janata Vidyarthi (Boys) Hostel in 04-04-1941 at Abhona. Total 72 seats alloted for this hostel. In this hostel boys from SC, ST, VJNT, OBC caste and community are admitted. This hostel has new and furnished kitchen facility and lodgin and food facility.

This hostel is equipped with skilled staff, teachers, store room, library, admin office and kitchen. For the better performance various staff members are appointed. In this hostel, boys are celebrating many festivals, activities like birthday celebration, etc. The SSC result of this hostel is 100%. Thank you.