Siddheshwar Primary & Secondary Ashramshala Sule

Year Of Establishment : 01-06-1966 (Primary School)

Year Of Establishment : 14-06-1993 (Secondary School)

Total Students : Boys : 241, Girls : 234 Total : 475

Ashram School is located in the remote village of Sule on the Punad River in the western remote area of Kalwan taluka in Nashik district. Sule is a village with an ancient Hemadpanthi Siddheshwar Temple. The school is named as Siddheswar Primary and Secondary Ashram School Sule after the name of the temple.

The school is in a tribal area, it is surrounded by majestic buildings and trees in the shde of vines. Classes from 1st to 10th are digital. The tradition of 100% result in S.S.C. examination results has been maintained for three consecutive years. The students of the school participated in the Adarsha Ashram School Entrance Examination and other scholarship & competitive exams.

The school has experienced and trained teachers as well as up-to-date labrotary, computer rooom, books librarary and various vocational courses (computer sewing machine, mobile repairing and electrician etc.) . Facilities are available to develop students knowledge and skills. The schools owns the farm and provides a variety of fresh vegetables grown from the farm to the school children.

The school is moving towards progress..!